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D15 Secure system from only £63 per month


Monthly  Rental*

Purchase Price*

D15 Secure Camera Core                       

5 Megapixel Lens

64Gb Micro SD Card

Microphone (built into camera)

Speaker (built into camera core)

Professional Software

Remote access

Power supply

Maintenance and desktop support

Wall/Ceiling Housing

Monthly Cost/outright purchase



Installation and configuration**



Optional Extras

5 MP lens (two views from 1 camera)



2TB Hard Drive Storage



Remote monitoring



Pole/corner bracket



Wall Bracket



Secure lockable cabinet



*Excludes VAT

** Subject to survey

Ongoing desktop support included for 12 months and thereafter £99 per year optional contract

Locations for use: Internal or external                                     mounting

Mounting: Wall or ceiling without additional                      brackets

Lenses: 1 or 2 .

Brackets: Wall bracket, Pole/Corner bracket