Proxis Intelligent Solutions 2014

Stopping crime before it starts

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Higher Resolution = Fewer Cameras, Greater Coverage

Built in speaker to alert intruders when detection is made

5 megapixel image sensors for world class image quality

Multiple detection methods built in.

Built in microphone to record lip synchronized audio

Intelligent analytics built into the camera lens. Events can be based on the direction of travel

Built in processor eliminating the need for a DVR or other control equipment

A complete security solution in a single unit

German Build Quality

Low energy cost-only £4 per year

Dual lens cameras-cover two areas from one camera

Greater coverage from fewer cameras

De-centralised- no central point of failure

Reliability-maintenance free

Reduced installation cost- camera uses the same cable for power and data transmission

No camera housings or heaters required

License free software

 “Proxis provided the system for less than many of the rival analogue systems we were offered and did a first rate job”

 Dave Russ Hunterian Museum

press release

  1. Greater than HDTV resolution
  2. Greater detail and more coverage from fewer cameras
  3. Maintenance free cameras
  4. Reduced installation costs (fewer cameras required)
  5. Activity sensor detection system built into every camera (not motion detection)
  6. Life cycle of system beyond 10 years
  7. Reduce electricity consumption by around 80%
  8. Free software for life including new releases
  9. Proactive automated system to engage and deter intruders.
  10. Remote desktop support and ongoing support on system use.

Case Studies

Proxis has delivered on time and to budget with their normal level of professionalism and expertise that has allowed us to do more with far fewer cameras then was ever thought possible.”

Andy Smith

Trent Valley Academy

Press release

System Benefits