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M25 Secure system from only £49* per month


Monthly  Rental*

Purchase Price*

D15 Secure Camera Core                       

3.1 Mega Pixel Lens

64Gb Micro SD Card

Microphone (built into camera)

Speaker (built into camera core)

Professional Software

Remote access

Power supply

Maintenance and desktop support

Wall/Ceiling mounting

Monthly Cost/outright purchase



Installation and configuration**



Optional Extras

2TB Hard Drive Storage



Remote monitoring



Pole/corner bracket



Secure lockable cabinet



*Excludes VAT

** Subject to survey

Ongoing desktop support included for 12 months and thereafter £99 per year optional contract

Locations for use: Internal or external                                     mounting

Mounting: Wall or ceiling with the flex  bracket                      supplied

Lenses: 1  

Brackets: Pole bracket